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2/4/07 06:36 pm - dacespace

20 or so original paintings by me will be showing at Muddy's Hot Cup in Arcata through March 5th under the moniquer

"Black & White & You All Over"

Stop by on Friday (9 February) to meet the artist and see the paintings up close. If you can't make it out, you can feast your eyes on reasonable facsimiles on my web site.

10/31/06 08:49 pm - urockgyrl - Something Fun to Do Saturday Night in Eureka

For the past 3 years, Good Relations Lovers' Boutique in Old Town Eureka has hosted an annual show of erotic photography by Ellin Beltz. This years' show breaks every mold of art she's ever worked in or with before.

"Anticipation Four: Fun with Dick and Yoni," challenged Ellin to cut loose with illuminatable art, giant body parts, and interesting images from the conscious and subconscious influence of erotica on both eastern and western artistic ideals.

Come see for yourself, meet the artist and prepare for a big laugh or two at Fun with Dick and Yoni at Eureka's Arts Alive, this Saturday, November 4, 2006 from 6 to 9 p.m.

WWWWHW... Artist: Ellin Beltz
Show Title: Anticipation 4 - Fun with Dick and Yoni
Location: Good Relations Lover's Boutique
223 2nd St - Eureka, CA 95501 (707) 441-9570

9/8/06 02:13 pm - eth3raum - Art's Arcata! YAY Tonight!

From 6p to 9p
Art reception for Laura Hutchinson

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@ tha Bat Kave Art Gallery
630 9th street Arcata CA
off tha plaza

6/8/06 06:38 am - eth3raum - Art Reception O D00M! tomorrow

Art Recption during Art's Arcata
6 to 9p
630 9th street
arcata ca 95521

Deborah Addington

Neck Corsets:
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mixed media paintings
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Carpathain Storytelling starts at 7pm

refreshments by Planet Chai

5/27/06 04:01 pm - eth3raum - tomorrow's dancing treats

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5/12/06 05:32 pm - eth3raum - Art's Arcata tonight @ the Bat Kave 630 9th st. Arcata Ca

Featured Artist: Soul Pie Clothing by Kasey Ross

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Website found HERE!

and Dragonfly jewerly

reception 6 to 9p

4/14/06 01:03 pm - eth3raum - Art's Arcata tonight

Art's Arcata tonight 6p to 10p.

630 9th street
downtown Arcata

Featured Artists are:

Rebecca Caya
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Image hosting by Photobucket

3/24/06 12:40 pm - holmquistc - Editorial about Starbucks...

I sent this out to the Eureka Reporter, and it hasn't gotten published yet. I don't get it, I mean I took out as much liebelous material out of it as I could and their still not publishing it. I even had three people edit it as well as myself. I don't know, maybe it would upset Rob Arkley. GEEZ. Anyways, I guess I might publish it here.

Starbucks and Humboldt: Let it go!
By me

“Starbucks is the essence of evil.” Apparently, that is the consensus among many Humboldt County residents. One Starbucks moves in, and many locals are hysterical.

Before you get enraged, I am neither for nor against Starbucks. I don’t really care much about them.

I was born in Portland, Oregon, coffee shop central. When I first moved here, I was so amused by the reaction of people to having two Starbucks in town. “Two Starbucks?! That is WAY too many!” That was the single funniest thing I had ever heard.

Eventually I just got used to Starbucks, since they are pervasive. It did get redundant and dull fast because of that. Whenever I felt like coffee, I just went to whatever coffee shop was near by. Usually a Starbucks.

For eight years in Humboldt I have heard the same opinion about this issue. I am sick of it! Why can’t we all accept the fact that they are here to stay for good? You are definitely not going to make them move by your “Friends don’t let friends go to Starbucks” bumper stickers. What do you think you are accomplishing by that? Maybe someone will look at it and think, “Oh that cool cat and his friends don’t go to Starbucks, so maybe I shouldn’t.”

I have asked an online blog community why people hate Starbucks so passionately. The most prominent reason they hate Starbucks is that they think our local coffee shops will die out. Way too many of us are freaked out for that reason. It is completely unfounded.

We still have a majority of our local coffee shops don’t we? It’s been four years since we had our first Starbucks and we haven’t lost a single local coffee shop. You may be asking “What about The Udder Place and Prima Espresso?” Well, from what I have heard from a worker at Mocha Motion, “The Udder Place” moved their business down to San Diego. As far as Prima Espresso goes, it closed down due to personal issues. We still have businesses such as Old Town Coffee and Chocolates, Has Beans, Jitter Bean, Sutters Mud, Mocha Motion, and others, don’t we?

In my thirteen years of living in Northern Oregon, I saw all kinds of local coffee shops coexist peacefully with Starbucks. In my hometown, there were as many local coffee shops as there were Starbucks. In Seattle there area a number of local coffee shop across the street from a Starbucks and they are both still in existence. It seems to me that every time a Starbucks opens, a new local coffee shop opens too. I have noticed that here in Humboldt as well.

I think those of us who attack Starbucks in fear of losing local businesses shouldn’t worry so much. Stop your protesting and stop trying to drive them out, because you are not getting anywhere with it and you never will. I’ll go anywhere I want for coffee!

2/3/06 12:25 pm - mistressamthyst - Fetish Photography Party

I just wanted to give everyone a "heads up" about the ticket availablity for my fetish photography event. We have seen a drastic increase in sales in the past couple of days. If you plan to attend, get your tickets now, before they run out. You can find tickets at The Metro in Arcata, or at Good Relations in Eureka. The Metro will only have tickets until 10am on Saturday, February 4. You can find tickets at Good Relations until 8pm on Saturday while supplies last.

If you have any questions about the party, please visit www.mistressamthyst.com or e-mail me at mistress@mistressamthyst.com

1/22/06 08:09 pm - mistressamthyst - Ok to post My event?

Hey Jinx,

Since you have my flyers available at the Bat Kave, would you mind me posting the information about my event here for everyone in the Bat Kave cyber-universe to see? Just wanted to get your ok before posting something here that didn't "directly" have to do with the art being displayed at the gallery (although some of it may be coming your way after the party).

Please let me know by e-mail: mistress@mistressamthyst.com

Mistress Am'thyst
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