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1/16/06 01:38 pm - holmquistc - Starbucks... Your opinion

Hey all. Growing up in big towns all my life (Humboldt County is the first small county that I have lived in), I'm not very wise to the bad things about big box retailers. Of course here, people constantly bitch about Starbucks. But for me, I really don't know why. Remember, I'm used to thousands of chains of national coffee shop chains, not just starbucks. What is the one reason you guys hate Starbucks so much? Is it only because its a big company? If so, than I think you're going to need to come up with other reasons to hate them because that one reason isn't very substantial.

12/9/05 07:56 am - eth3raum - Art's Arcata

Tonight is Art's Arcata.

Showing Deil's drawings (age 6!) and Lisken's photography.

Free Chai from Palnet Chai served for refreshments.

Bat Kave will be open from 11a to 10p.

Come out and play

11/27/05 02:38 pm - holmquistc - Portland rideshare

Hey. On November 30th, I am going to be leaving the Eureka area at 9 or 10 am and can pick you up anywhere along the way as long as it is not far away from highway 101. Please be nonsmoking because my throat is very sensitive to 2nd hand smoke and the smell is hard to get out of my upholstery (I'm fixing up my car as well). Post me a message if you need a ride. Gas money is a requirement as always :-)

11/8/05 12:19 pm - holmquistc - Get off your reluctant lazy ass & vote!

This seemed like a perfect time for this to be posted. Yes, I despise this moron of a governor.

California: Date Raped
By Chris Holmquist

I personally think that the election of this “governator” was a pathetic all time low in California state politics. We fell in love with a movie star with an idiotic catch phrase, and look where it’s got us. This is such a one-night stand! Why am I so riled up about this? Your beloved governor was elected with a sickeningly low voter turnout of 50%. Now, his approval rating is at 36%. Good job, California.
What disgusts me about a large majority of the “Cal-lee-for-nee-yon” public is that so many of us are feeling sick and hopeless as to how fast this state is going to hell in a hand basket, and because of that, too many of us are not even voting in state politics. These non-voters are calling themselves intellectual because they’re not voting. Do you think you’re an intellectual because you don’t vote? Tell me, what makes more sense: sitting around on your ass and not voting because you’re politically depressed, thinking your vote doesn’t count, and letting this state fall into ruins because you’re annoyed, or actually voting, and getting your friends to vote as well, and actually starting to vote in mass quantities? You want to see change, and the better of things, right?
Seriously, think about it. Voting is how to bring change. It makes perfect sense to me: more votes, more change, and more confidence in state government. Maybe then we will learn from others’ immature mistakes and not elect a governor because he entertains us. So, in conclusion, if you’re sick about the governator, get up off your lazy ass and do something about it!

9/17/05 07:34 pm - love_and_lonely - Corset, in excellent condition, for sale.

Hey everyone,

I went through a couple of boxes the other day because I'm moving to a different house, and I came across this corset I bought at Good Relations a really long time ago.

It is, as I mentioned, in excellent condition. In fact, I never got a chance to wear it (I lost a lot weight b/c I got sick, so it didn't fit any more).
It still has the tags on it.

Size: 42
Description:Black with blue panels w/ black floral patterns; ties in the back and clasps in the front.
Origional price: $65

I am willing to be flexible on the price, so I'll take the best reasonable offer.


<3 always,

9/14/05 09:49 am - holmquistc - Christian rock band, Two Car Garage to perform!

My church, Church of the Joyful Healer, in McKinleyville (next to the drive-thru Starbucks on central ave.) is going to have a coffee shop/Christian rock music night this Friday at 7-9 pm. This month's band is "Two Car Garage". Free coffee and yummy snacks too! :-D These guys are a fun and pleasant rock group that's a definite must see. Please call 839-5691 for more info.

8/30/05 02:33 pm - holmquistc - Petition to make firefox compatible with other web sites

Hey there guys. I saw this on the spreadfirefox.com web site, and I remember so many people complaining that quite a bit of web sites are not compatible with firefox. I present you this petition to make firefox more compatible. Please sign it! For those of you that don't have any mozilla products, shame! lol. http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=blog/52327

Also, I created a livejournal community where you can post ads and events for organizations that you are involved with. The web site is http://www.livejournal.com/community/humeventsandads/ There's no one there yet because I just created it, so join in and start cross posting! :-D

8/20/05 05:32 pm - holmquistc - New community idea

Hey guys. I was wondering, what do you think of doing a events calendar/classifieds community for humboldt on livejournal to avoid cross posting, which people seem to really hate. I'm thinking, this could be the official place in the county (next to the craigs list one) for livejournal users for this kinda thing. What do ya think?

8/18/05 11:52 am - holmquistc - Needed items.

Hey guys! By any chance, would any of you happen to have a bunch of runied scissors and clipper blades (the blades that snap onto that buzzing thing that barbers use to shave hair off your neck) that you're not using that I can practice sharpening on? If you're willing to just give it to me, I'd like that. Thanks!

8/12/05 01:57 pm - eth3raum - Arcata Art's Alive

Tonight be tha Art's Arcata.
6 to 10p
over 35 stores will be open.
Bat Kave presents

Ravena bennet
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
& Josh Engle
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

other artists include:
Monica Chapman, Ines Gardilic, Brent Paton, Jose Nunez, Barry Post and many more...
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